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Artist statment

My work encompasses many methods including Printmaking, Painting, Drawing and Collage.


At present I am involved with making work which gives form to that which can otherwise by definition be described as almost invisible(The noumenal, metaphysical and spiritual).


My motifs include symbols, language/runic light(as energy) and spatiality. My sources are often related to my Nordic heritage: a link with and to nature:( the duality nature and human nature),- consciousness. The creative art allows for a fundamental connection and ideas of the mystical. As an artist by traveling, I have gained greater personal insight with regards to my own cultural ancestry and my sense of the universal.


As one travels there is often a sense of an inner space, it is in part that space which I wish to use as an origin for individual pieces. My work moves between the symbol/referral and abstraction. Through gestured and movements of color I can find equivalence to experience , which create visual fields of energy rather than images. The world is in a state of continual motion as too are we; making art is a way of creating a moment of suspension; one , which can be contemplated.


The work that I produce I conceive of as an archive, or trace in time and space.



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